Here at The Gym we offer our customers a varity of membership packages that fit with your budget. We strive to provide you with the best rates possible so that you can maximze your potential to not only get fit, but to establish health and balance in your life.


Member Passes (not eligeble for 24/7 access)

Day Pass -

Super 8 Pass-

Class Pass -

Racquetball -

Steam Sauna -

Infrared Sauna -

Week Pass -

10 Visit Pass -

1 Month-

$10 (tax included)

$8 (tax included/ for super 8 guests only)

$7 (tax included)

$8 (+ tax)

$8 (+ tax)

$10 (+ tax)

$30 (tax included)

$80 (+ tax)

$60 (tax included)


  1. The Gym is monitored 24/7 by security cameras & staff.

  2. Youngest age allowed in the gym area is 13 years old.

    1. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    2. NO- older friend/ sibling does not count.

  3. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to workout after hours.

    1. Must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

    2. NO- older sibling/ friend does not count.

Thank you!

- Gym Staff

**Active Military and Vets get a discounted membership on our 6 month or 1 year plans. Must have valid form of Military/Vet ID.

**Free membership for Senior Citizens is also available through YOUR insurance. How it works? Call your insurance provider to see if they are partnered with Tivity Health OR AshLink for either Silver Sneakers OR Silver & Fit. If the answer is "YES" then please ask for your Fitness ID # that must be TURNED in to us!

**At the last month of every membership you will be notified that your's is almost up. We will call you to either confirm that you would like to continue/re-up your membership with us OR your membership will automatically cancel once your contractual time is up with us!

** Please call (208) 983-7504 for more information and pricing on memberships!