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Our Sunbeds

Here at Lighten UP! tanning salon we offer FIVE sunbeds​ for your tanning needs. Ranging from a relaxing 20-minute supine bed or a quick 12-minute upright sunbed.


Options & amenities include:

  • Facial tanners

  • Cooling fans

  • Air-conditioned beds

  • UV protection tanning goggles

  • Optional decals to embellish your tan

  • Private & quiet rooms

Membership & Prices

Below are our standard prices for various tanning packages.  Call us today to inquire about monthly specials!  Prices subject to change.

(All prices have an additional 6% tax)


Standard Tanning

 1 Tan - $8.00

10 Tans - $70.00

100 Minutes - $55.00

Infrared Lay Down Tanning Bed

Please refer to the RED LIGHT THERAPY

Page for all the details!

Unlimited Tanning Options

 2 Weeks - $55.00

1 Month - $80.00


Sunbed Skin Care

We offer a number of tanning lotions, bronzers, and moisturizers to enhance your tanning experience.


Options & amenities include:


  • Ed Hardy Tanning Supplies

  • Devoted Creations Toners & Bronzers

  • European Gold Moisturizers

  • Banana Boat After Sun & Body Butter

  • And much more!

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